Coronavirus has caused a hand sanitiser shortage, here’s what you should do

here's where you can hand sanitiser despite the shortage due to the coronavirus outbreak
Since the World Health Organisation announced that the new novel coronavirus was a global emergency and declared it as a pandemic, hand sanitiser has been one of the most in-demand products across the globe.

Shelves in supermarkets cleared quickly, and other retailers like Superdrug and Boots have listed the item is temporarily out of stock on their websites and possibly due back into stock in a few weeks time.

But this has caused the public to panic. Especially since the NHSCDC and the WHO have all listed hand sanitiser as one of the protective measures to stop the transmission of the disease from person to person.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?

Now that much of the world is on lockdown, people are forced to take to places like eBay and Amazon and buy hand sanitiser with a huge markup. Not only this but due to new research that’s emerged not only will our hands need disinfecting but our homes and groceries too.

It is therefore clear that members of the public will need hand sanitiser products as an added layer of protection until the pandemic ends. How contagious is coronavirus?

When shopping for hand sanitiser it is important to know that in order to successfully destroy the virus, hand rubs need to contain at least 60% alcohol as listed by the WHO and the CDC.

Hand sanitisers that do not contain any alcohol are not effective at removing traces of the virus and should not be used as a replacement for washing hands.

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Why is hand sanitiser so important?

Soap and water are needed to clean the hands of dirt and grime. It’s great for breaking down the oils that hold the microbes on your hands. But hand sanitiser is used to disinfect and ensure that all traces of the virus have been destroyed.

Hand sanitiser is one of the most in-demand products in the world right now. Medical authorities have advised that people wash their hands regularly with soap and water or use hand sanitiser, to help prevent the spread of infection.

If you’ve been struggling where to get it, a reputable medical company, Hunter Medical has provided a solution.

Where to buy hand sanitiser in the UK

Afford hand sanitiser to buy in bulk is still available to buy at Hunter Medical. Selling their product in bulk quantities ensures that members of the public are able to stock up on the product throughout quarantine without depleting the stock for the more vulnerable.

Hunter Medical has carefully divided their stock to make sure that everyone is able to get its fair share.

Alcohol hand rub is proven to kill the coronavirus within 30 seconds of application. Containing 70% alcohol it is one of the high-performing hand sanitisers on the market that can destroy and kill off many viruses and bacteria that may be lingering in your hands.

The 100ml bottles are now available in packs of seven for £34.74. Buy it here.